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Samantha & Hans celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this year
with renewal of vows in church and a party held at Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel.
I had the honor of being their chosen wedding photographer.


Think this is the first time i’ve seen any photographer
doing “Journalistic Candid Style” wedding portrait!
It works better than we could’ve expected!

~ Jason Ong ‘Groom’

Dressings need not always be conventional for this fashionable couple
whom travels frequently to Japan for shopping trips.

I first learnt of Albert Chua through SingaporeBrides forum.
That forum is an excellent source of information for all brides-to-be.
I did not do any pre-wedding shoots.
I don’t believe in it. The Husband is so glad about it.
I liked Albert’s work and his undeniable passion for photography
and not the money.
Albert liked that my wedding is sort of unconventional.
So he was to be my wedding photographer eventually.
With no pre-wedding shoot done, you can just imagine the amount of trust i
placed in Albert for my actual day wedding pictures.

Is it worth the money to hire a wedding professional?

A wedding event happen ‘once-in-lifetime’ and the couple will be so engrossed in getting it to run smoothly that they’ll not remember every detail or moment that passes them by. In comes the importance of hiring a professional whom is  focused and skilled enough to capture the moments that is ever so refreshing and interesting.
The real value of  good wedding photography or videography comes about many years after the wedding day, making it worth every single cent paid. It’ll bring back smiles and fond memories of an important chapter of your life.

Where to cut corners to hire a wedding professional?
It’s not as hard as one thinks. Negotiating or cutting back the excessive spending of $1k to $3k for extra pre-wedding portraits at the bridal studio is one method of cutting costs.
Studio pictures done locally by bridal shops are usually mass produced by their in-house photographer.
Pictures done are very often the same for your friend, or next couple that walks thru their door.

If  you have to spend the extra money for portraits, might as well source for a reasonably priced wedding professional photographer for an oversea pre-wedding shoot that buys you ‘bragging’ rights as well. Making your pictures worth every cent spent.


ROM updates the list of solemnisers periodically.

Please ensure that you use the latest version when you are inviting a Solemniser to officiate at your marriage.

Licensed Solemnisers are respectable community leaders appointed by the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, to solemnize your marriage on a voluntary basis.

As they are your VVIPs, do observe appropriate decorum and utmost courtesy; arrange for a friend/family member to receive them and send them off; and pay them a token of appreciation between $28 and $48 for their transportation to and from your wedding venue.

Listing of Solemnisers here …

Catch EVERAFTERPICTURES @ Grand Corpthorn Hotel during the roadshow for special promotions on Overseas Pre- Wedding Packages……….   

A Big Thank You … ;)

Hi Albert,
Want to say a big big enormous THANK YOU to you for taking such wonderful photos of us on our wedding day. We got to know Albert through one of my uncle’s recommendation. During the initial meet-up session with Albert, we really felt at ease with him and he showed us various copies of his work, weddings and non-weddings, hard copies and even those soft copies he had on hand. Was really drawn into his style and angles of taking photos….

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What Couples Say …

From Couple’s Perspective …..

Wedding Date (16 October 2009)

wpas logoWPAS is the only association in Singapore which selects qualifying photographers who have met its stringent requirements and then grants certification to them. This is to provide assurance to prospective clients that these photographers have attained the industry’s standard in wedding photography.

Albert is certified & committee as well

Consider three things when choosing a wedding photographer…

1) Professional stature in the market for past 5 years and examples of prior work done will help you determine
the photographer’s  level of photography and experience.
2) Evaluate a photographer’s professionalism by his setup, equipment, advertising campaigns as a professional
whom is serious about what he does would have spent abit of money on branding his business.
3) Choose a photographer with a outward and cheery personality, one who will make the
wedding day photo session a fun experience.

Local media TODAY interview… ‘Are couples  feeling the economic recession cutting costs?

when every cent counts

Albert Chua of Everafterpictures

Nude Photo at Wedding

Daring couple poses in their birthday suits for wedding photo.
Every once so often i get a request for something personal which is out of the ordinary.
They made the news both locally and overseas.


Association acts as watchdog for its members for the benefit of wedding couples and photography industry.
With the affordabilty of digital cameras, amateur hobbyists claim themselves professional after having done a few weddings tagging along as second photographer.  High time an association steps in to ensure the standards are met.

Albert of Everafterpictures

Island Escapade

‘The NewPaper Photo Spread’ ~ We wanted something special and memorable.
In return we were given an adventure and an experience that will last a lifetime.
Martin & Celine were amongst dozen of Everafterpictures clientele, whom
had wedding pictures taken by the sea amidst beautiful settings rarely found.

An adventure they asked for, an experience they get ...

Chance upon this song ‘Everafter’ that reflects on what ‘EverafterPictures’ aims
to capture for our clients …
…Fleeting moments of a couple’s biggest day in their life,
portraying their love & dedication to one another …
Their Friends, Family & all things that matters on that faithful day. ENJOY !

Spray lands on couple during wedding march-in for cake cutting … Oops !!
Be careful what is supplied to enhance wedding event … Lol !!


An amateur photographer downloaded my couple’s  pictures off their website to  claim as his own.
Foolish was he to spam brides-to-be from, of whom one of them was the couple’s friend searching for wedding photographers.  So beware of bogus wedding photographers.

Albert Chua of Everafterpictures

Virgin No More

Virgin Mobile pulls out of  Singapore mobile market after feeling full impact of operating in a very competitive
environment, which is aggravated by the prolonged economic downturn … ‘’

*Candid shot of bride taken on wedding day just minutes before the poster was removed…



Albert Chua of Everafterpictures

The bride screamed … everyone froze …  my press reflexes went into overdrive ready to capture the shot but i ran forward  to help instead …

The bride took a step sideways while her husband was reversing bridal car. Her gown was caught under wheel of another reversing car dragging her foot underneath. She fell down injuring her ankles and knees.

Rushing forward, i was just in time to lean against car to move tyre off bride’s foot. Lucky for her the driver had disengage car gears to neutral.

At the hospital, her wounds were treated and her foot bandaged. I was able to coax the couple into taking picture of them with bridal car in front of Changi Hospital A&E entrance.


Wedding Accidents are real …. Be Wary !!

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Albert Chua of Everafterpictures ….